Danny Ruben
Danny RubenPresident
Danny first came across Koolies 30 years ago when one of his friends got his pup. Later when the opportunity arose, Danny and his wife Cherie purchased two Koolie puppies, Otto and Heidi who are featured in some photos on the website. Currently they have 4 Koolies; Molly who is a 11 year old adoption, Eva who is 10 years old, Zinger who is 8 years old and Shelby who is 2.
Jackie Hunter
Jackie HunterRegistrar
Kylie Willson
Kylie WillsonSecretary
Hi, I'm Kylie and this is Mackenzie who will often help on the phone.
Puppy OfficerPuppy Officer
Looking for a puppy? The Puppy Officer is a shared role. Fill in the form below and we will help you.
Cherie RubenTreasurer
Danny & I met at Coles Myer this is where my addiction of Koolies began. Danny’s boss’s parents had a property outside Ballarat. We went to visit his parents and I have very clear memories of my first wonderful introduction to their Koolie called Koolie. I now was on a mission to have at least one of these wonderful dogs called Koolies. We are now up to Koolie number 6.
Bruce HawksworthVice President
Tracey Cock
Tracey CockGeneral Committee
Erin Anderson
Erin AndersonGeneral Committee
Bronwen SinnottGeneral Committee
Martin BurtGeneral Committee
Jewel KinniburghGeneral Committee
Richard WorboysGeneral Committee
Rich has been an animal lover and farmer all his life. From pet chickens and cats as a child to bird keeping as a young man. Then 45 years dairy farming his beloved Jersey cows. He had good success breeding, with birds which he exhibited, but particularly with the cows, for many years ranked number 1 in Australia for the breed on a genetic index. He bred over 20 bulls for use in Artificial Insemination and had one ranked number one in the country. Over 30 years ago he met his first Koolie and has been committed to the breed ever since. Finding their personality, will to please and ability to work to any situation very special. After six generations of breeding every pup is dear to him. He accepted the invitation to join the committee as he had attended all meetings since the inception of the club, being a founding member. To help protect and improve the breed.
Hayden JeffriesGeneral Committee